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Fraserview Housing Co-operative

Presentation Centre now OPEN

Fraserview Housing Co-op is the most recent Community Land Trust housing development to open its doors. It offers a community of 278 homes for families and singles located at two sites adjacent to Vancouver’s thriving River District in southeast Vancouver. Fraserview Riverside offers a mix of 90 modern two-bedroom and three-bedroom townhouses and apartments along the Fraser River.

Fraserview’s members have a voice in how their homes are managed and maintained and have the benefit of security of tenure. This means that as long as you abide by the rules the co-op sets for itself and pay your monthly housing charges (rents), you will be able to live in your home as long as you like.

Taking membership applications NOW for

Two-Bedroom Apartments and Townhomes
Housing charges (rents) from $2,050/month

Three-Bedroom Apartments and Townhomes
Housing charges (rents) from $2,350/month

Fraserview welcomes all eligible applicants, and priority is given to those who currently work or live in the City of Vancouver.

Neighbourhood Amenities

Nestled beside the vibrant River District, the co-op’s neighbourhood offers an abundance of amenities and activities for residents. Your home sits on biking and walking trails along the shores of the Fraser River. You are steps away from a beautiful outdoor park, community centre, the famous Romer’s Burger Bar, shops at the River District town centre, and a new elementary school to come.

Everything you need is at hand.

Neighbourhood Map

The co-op sits on either side of Jellicoe, not far from Kerr. Bus stops are shown in blue, the co-op in yellow, and other features marked by orange hexagons.

  • Legend
  • (1) Fraserview Riverside — accepting new member applications now
  • (2) Fraserview Towers — set to open later in 2018
  • (3) site of future Fraserview expansion
  • (4) Romer’s Burger Bar
  • (5) Waterfront Plaza
  • (6) future elementary school and community centre
  • (7) Town Centre Plaza


Plan Your Visit

You can find the Fraserview Presentation Centre at the corner of
East Kent Avenue South and Jellicoe at 2910 E Kent Avenue S.
We are open daily from Noon to 6pm, closed Fridays.
For more information, please call: 604.438.8820.